Gift Cards

Gift Cards for Opus Retail Manager – at PoS and Back Office

Gift cards can be used for future purchases at your business or given as a gift, allowing you to gain new customers.  In the past only large chains could afford the costs and resources involved in launching a gift card program.

The new Gift Card Module for the Opus Retail Manager Software has now made it easy and affordable for you to offer your customers a branded Gift Card.  Assign any value to the Gift Card offering flexibility, top up a gift card, tender by any type, retrieve gift card value at the till (live across multi sites), Live Web reporting for management.

The Module only requires the Gift Card and a Card Reader, Opus Retail Manger Software does the rest.  This works on a single site or Multi Site business.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real Time Gift Card Balance
    Where there is one or more locations in a business all card balances are held centrally and can be acquired in real time so a card can not be used fraudulently at more than one location.
  • Gain New Customers
    When a Gift Card is purchased from your business to be given as a gift, the recipient of the card becomes a new customer on your system.
  • Strengthens Relationships
    Gift Cards provide your customers an alternative way to buy merchandise at your store.
  • Increases sales
    Gift Cards provide a way for you to track your customer’s purchases and help you increase your total sales.
  • Increase Cash Flow
    Credits can be issued with a gift card instead of issuing cash or paper based credits which are difficult to administer.
  • Brand Awareness
    Custom printed cards work as an advertisement in your customer’s wallet.  They remind your customers to visit your store.
  • Convenience
    The Gift Card Module for Opus Retail Manager provides a quick and easy process, completing the transaction in seconds.
  • Cost Savings
    The Gift card Module for Opus Retail Manager provides significant cost savings over the labor intensive method of paper gift certificates and refund programs.